Top 5 tips for Fall Tree Maintenance in Dallas

Trees are often overlooked during the summer when it comes to watering in Dallas area. When trees go to autumn and winter active root growth comes to a standstill and Mos of the trees lose their leaves that make them absorb as much water and nutrients as they can holdduring winter time. Homeowners are guaranteed a dose of trouble with windstorms and freezes. There are little things that you can help your fabolous trees to survive in winter. Here are top 5 tips to prevent Tree problems during the year.

#1 Hydrate Your Trees
Your tree is thirsty if it is brown in places, or if some of tree branches are dead or weak that can easily broken. If needed, lay mulch at the base of the tree to help the soil keep water.

#2 Planting for all seasons, and for our region
Plant trees and plants that bloom in Dallas weather. Young trees that planted in areas that could have strong winds should be staked until their roots have grown strong enough to support them. Protect against nibbling animals by placing a small fence around the base. And make sure to review local permits or other restrictions that you may have by your home owners association as well as your city or county.

#3 Removing troublemakers

If your tree is next to a foundation, path or fence, or along an irrigation, sewer or utility line, fall is a good time to move it somewhere else, or even remove it.

# 4 Triming and Removing Fallen Leaves

Fall is the time to trim most of the trees. Trim to open up the tree’s crown and remove overload limbs and dead, weakened wood parts. You can use your chainsaw to complete the job quicker and easier. Removing fallen leaves will help your tree base can “breathe,” as well as remove tree-damaging insects. This also helps that plants below the tree get enough water and light during winter time.

#5 Fertilizing
Most of the trees don’t need fertilizer however fruiting and flowering trees may benefit from it. Late fall is the best time to fertilize because winter rains will put a stop to chemical burn. Fertilizing your trees after the first frost prevents new, tender growth from damage. If an insect is attacking a tree, fall is the best time to apply latent spray on fruiting trees.

Trees are strong focal points of your home’s landscaping. Little maintenance will help you to have better looking front and backyards in Dallas area. Healthy trees present various colors and appearances throughout the year. Take care of your trees and you will enjoy them for years to come in Dallas area.

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