Staging Tips for Bathrooms

Home staging is about solving the problem the best you can in the shortest amount of time with what you have available in your hands.  The results might not be the ultimate design solution for specific space however if it gives the prospective buyers a good feeling, then the staging has done its job. 

Bathrooms should look as large as it possibly could, in addition to looking up to date and inviting for possible home buyers.

I am not going to mention about the cleaning the bathroom from the mirrors, tile grouts, changing the silicone of the bathtub, cleaning the toilet, keeping the toilet closed at all times, having matching area rugs etc.

You may choose a neutral bath towel and an accent hand towel over it with a matching hand towel by the sink. 

Using a red in any room is sounds exciting however red is not good for every room. Red is a color that is bold and advances to the eye….so in bathrooms it makes the area look smaller. 

On the other hand white always give the best feeling of cleanliness, if you are having trouble choosing the towel colors going with white will be the safe play for bathrooms.  

Keeping your home as clean as possible will help quick showing calls. Your possible buyers feel the difference immediately. Remember to use nice fresh smell in bathrooms, too. Bathrooms should be looking clean and comfortable in addition to smelling nice.

Most of Dallas builders’ model homes show the best staging examples, visiting couple new homes builders’ model homes will help you to look at from different perspective to your home. You can use a lot of different staging  tips for your home from Dallas Homes for Sale. Using some of the very set design rules is helpful when staging in order to produce specific results.

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