Selling Your Home with Added Room?

You made a decision and you added an additional game room to your home thinking of selling in the future this would be an advantage, think again because it may be an advantage or maybe not. You may have more problems during selling process than you might think.

First of all you should not add any extra rooms to your Dallas home without having a permit from your county. You can go to your county’s website or you can call them to learn more about it.

If you have added game room and this room is not reflected on tax assessment records than you should start your search if any permits were issued for the addition. You should not add this game room foot age to your gross living area during listing or marketing your home if the permits are not issued.  When you include these areas without permits you may be misleading others that you have permit and has already included.

When you find a buyer for your home you should disclose that your addition does or does not have permits. Buyer may want to have a special provision may be subject to a building inspection and possible cure for permits or buyer may want to take money away for being unpermitted and possible forced to be tear down the area or buyer may want you to solve your problem before the closing. There are a lot of scenarios that buyer and buyer’s agent can bring to you however everything is negotiable in Dallas Real Estate business. You should talk and get advice from your own local Dallas Realtor who represents you.

We mostly see in Dallas homes and Plano homes that the owners converted garages to bedrooms or game rooms. This will cause two type of problems in Dallas area. First one is if the possible home buyer is looking for a garage, the house is not very appealing to them, second we cannot include this area for square footage, especially if there is not any permit. Dallas Realtors use appraisal square footage once in a while instead of the tax square footage at this point seller and Dallas Realtor should disclose the situation at the property descriptions, this will help the possible home buyers to understand the situation.

Trying to get permits done as soon as possible so you can include the square footage, have better marketing point and price your home correctly.

Getting a permit before building an addition to your property is safer and better idea to avoid these kinds of problems during selling or leasing your homes.

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