Is Home Inspection Worth It while buying a House?

A home inspection allows a third party to evaluate the property while buying a house and allow the buyer to make a better educated decision on the condition of the property. Otherwise the buyer would have to rely on the disclosures brought forth by the seller and both agents.

Even though the seller is supposed to disclose all known defects, the problem is that many home sellers have no clue what’s wrong with their homes. I can count the number of sellers who’ve ever visited their attics and know the mess that’s up there. Many homes have broken tiles or roof problems that are not visible and only professional licensed inspectors can point them out.

Always advise the buyer to hire a licensed home inspector. I even recommend giving 3-4 names to the possible buyer and let them select which company they want to work with. I have always felt the home inspection was the best money spent in a home purchase and allows a basis for negotiating repairs and or credits.

It is ALWAYS recommended that a buyer hire a professional inspector when buying a home. Although there is no personal value that an inspector brings to the buyer’s agent, it can be a great tool to help avoid pitfalls or to aid in negotiating a fairer price based on deficiencies. Buying a home without inspection is just like buying an expensive car without driving, or buying an expensive dress without trying it. Imagine that you are going to invest all of your money in to this home; you have to know what is going on with it. It should be perfectly okay for you.

Having a home inspection is also very important for Sellers as well as the possible buyers. Seller can get an independent person who is licensed inspector to have a look at their house and learn if anything is wrong before putting it on the market, then if seller wants, they can negotiate on it or just repair it to bring the home the top condition. Good result of the inspection may lead to a good house reputation, means good quality and good price to deal with.

While buying Dallas homes for Sale as your Dallas Realtor we always recommend you to get a Texas licensed inspector to have your Dream Dallas house inspected.

The value added by the inspection is really a value to our clients. Sometimes there are defects that only a licensed inspector will find. Better safe than being sorry!

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