How to Use Seller’s Home Warranty?

Several times a day I get asked “How does Seller’s Home Warranty Coverage work?” If you too have been wondering…I hope the information below will help you to understand the many of benefits of Seller’s Home Warranty Coverage.

Sellers Home warranty coverage help protect the seller and the sale of the property.

  • Seller’s Coverage is PAID AT CLOSING. 
  • Seller will receive immediate coverage upon issuance of a FNHW confirmation number.  
  • The Seller is covered for 180 days under our Standard or Comprehensive Plan until close of escrow, termination of listing, whichever comes first.
  • Seller’s Coverage protects the Seller and Buyer – and is sold in conjunction with the purchase of the buyer’s plan.    
  • Seller’s home warranty cover normal wear and tear failures: covered system or appliance need to be in good working condition when coverage begins.  
  • Reduces seller’s anxiety about out of pocket expenses.
  • Minimizes after sale hassles.
  • Heating, A/C and ductwork are covered up to a combined aggregate of $1500 during Seller’s Coverage.

Seller’s home does not have to be occupied to be covered with Sellers Home Warranty. This special Seller’s home warranty is offered by Fidelity National Home Warranty.

 This program helps the owners of Dallas Homes for Sale, Plano homes for Sale, Frisco Homes for Sale, Carrollton Homes for Sale and Surrounding DFW areas.

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