How to Get Your House Ready to Sell Fast?

You are getting ready to sell your Dallas homes and thinking about where to start. Starting from the fresh, clean and natural color paint sounds like a great idea to everybody, isn’t it?

Here is the question you may start to ask yourself, how can I quickly paint a room without leaving a single paint drip behind? New paint roller systems are starting at around $25 and make good on their no-drip guarantee by providing a sealed paint can cover, along with a syringe-like roller handle that fills and seals paint in the roller-tube for a fast, drip-proof home improvement project.

The paint rollers mostly draw ordinary house paint directly from the can into the handle. The handle holds about 20 ounces of paint per application. The paint is then fed onto the roller by twisting or squeezing the handle. A multitude of tiny holes in the roller conduct the paint to the walls, insuring even paint coverage and often eliminating the need for a second coat.

There are no open cans or open paint trays, eliminating a major source of paint drips. Because the roller handle can be extended, there is usually no need for ladders when painting ceilings in an average room with walls of eight to ten feet.

When it’s time to paint the ceiling, a plastic spatter-shield snaps onto the roller, and catches any drips that might happen. The shield can also be used as a paint-guard when painting near wall joints. The plastic edge creates a natural barrier for the ceiling and can reduce over-painting onto the ceiling. Most rollers can be used on textural walls and provides even coverage into the gaps of stucco and cinder block walls as well. Systems are sold online and in most home improvement stores.

After having a fresh paint at your Dallas Homes, remember the second thing you may want to do is de-cluttering. Get a lot of boxes from home improvement or discount stores, start packing and call your Dallas Realtor Pelin at 469-360-6955, she will take beautiful pictures of your Dallas homes for Sale, Carrollton Homes, Plano Homes for sale, Frisco Homes, Mckinney Homes and surrounded areas and put it on the Dallas Real Estate market immediately so you will not waste any minute to sell your home.

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