How to Expedite Your Home Inspection?

You put your home on the Dallas Real Estate market, waited for the willing and able home buyer and finally you got a contract for your Dallas home and it is time for the inspection. You are not sure how to speed up the process, here is Top 10 tips how you can accelerate the inspection easily.  

 1)     Make sure the following items are easily accessible: water heater, sprinkler control box, electrical panel box, GFCI outlet, attic access/ crawl spaces and furnaces

2)     Confirm that all utilities are on and all pilot lights are lit

3)     Notify your realtor about animals that could possibly get out

4)     Trim trees and shrubs away from the structure

5)     Replace light bulbs that are burned out

6)     Remove locks from areas that the inspector needs to access: gate, fences, padlocked doors and etc.

7)     Remove all debris from foundation

8)     Repair or replace damaged/ broken: window locks, broken windows door knobs, latches, window screens, exterior spigots, gutters and downspouts and chimney caps

9)     Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; replace batteries

10) Clean or replace all H/VAC filters

 Now, you are ready to have the inspection!

Take your time to look at active homes on the Dallas Real Estate market for yourself 🙂

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