Dallas Home Energy Efficiency Tips For Indoors

Changing your home to the ‘Green Home’ is not as hard as you might think. Making changes with your eco friendly choices will make better world for your future and your kid’s future. It is the awareness of living green, learning and teaching your friends, extended family, neighbors and coworkers how they can contribute to our planet’s future with small changes. These simple tips will save you a lot in your Dallas Homes  or your Frisco Real Estate on utility costs by helping and saving our planet.


Plants are the easiest way that you can corporate living green because they give lots of oxygen to environment. You can go to your local nursery store or home improvements store and buy plants. As well as doing something green, you will get plants that compliment your own decoration with their unique colors and shapes.

Shopping Wisely

While shopping look the recyclable contents such as Bamboo and bamboo flooring very chick and hip nowadays. Always look for energy star symbol while buying your next energy efficient appliances for your home.

Turn off the Lights and TV

Turning off the lights while leaving the place is the easiest thing however an important lesson that you can teach to your kids. Every age of the kids can learn and do it immediately. It will help your kids to be more aware of energy savings in early ages of their lives. Try to use day light at your home, most of our rooms have windows at you can take advantage of it.

If you are not watching TV remember to turn it off and make sure that your other family members do the same.

Your HVAC Systems

Installing the right HVAC system in terms of the size and high SEER rating makes a big difference to your energy bill. Another small effective movement is the changing your air conditioning filter regularly helps your appliance work more efficient and safer.

Using Your Oven and Freezer

Opening your oven frequently makes your oven release the heats quickly; try to open when it is necessary. This rule works for your freezer, too. When you open your freezer all the cold go away in the environment, open it and close the door very quickly to save the energy. Preparing your meals with microwave reduces the consumption of energy significantly.

Washing Your Dishes

Using eco friendly detergents help as well as scraping rather than rinsing the dishes before loading your dish washer. Try to wash when your dishwasher is full rather than starting when it is half.

Changing Your Bulbs to Eco Friendly

Changing your bulbs to fluorescent energy efficient bulbs will reduce your energy bills.

Installing Ceiling Fans certified as Energy Star

Installing ceiling fans will help you to have comfortable days without air conditioning during spring time and reduce your energy bills with airflow besides you will get fresh air. There are a lot of different shapes and styles of ceiling fans that one of them fits to your lifestyle and properties’ decoration.

After realizing the small and simple things that you can implement to your life, makes you focus naturally on eco friendly lifestyle. It is all about just becoming more conscious about living green.

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