Cold Weather Maintenance Tips

Winter is on the corner for Dallas homes, there are couple easy things that you can do to save more money during the winter. Get ready for winter which is just around the corner. While enjoying fall, do not get left out in the cold this winter… Service your furnace now, before you need heat.

Most people only call a heating service repairperson when their heating system breaks down, but before you turn up the heat, have your system serviced first.

Your heating contractor should check thermostat settings to ensure that the heating system turns on and off at the right temperatures.

Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors.

Lubricate all moving parts.

Inspect the condensation drain in your furnace.

Check system controls to ensure safe operation.

Show you how to correctly change your air filter.

Check all gas or oil connections, gas pressure, burn combustions and heat exchanger.

It seems like a lot of things however licensed Heater Company will check all these items without asking them. In addition to professional heater companies you can also do couple things yourself.

Changing air filters monthly will help you to save.

Buy a programmable thermostat, which can save on heating and cooling bills, and the wear and tear of your furnace.

Seal cracks, caulk or weather strips any gaps in your home.

Make sure heat registers are clean and free of foreign objects, leaves etc.

Keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed.

Your Dallas home will be ready for nice and safe winter.  If you want to see new active Dallas homes for sale and surrounding DFW homes for sale, feel free to contact me.

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