Help For WILDFIRE VICTIMS and MIDLAND SITE on Superfund List

Taking the proper actions for our environment is very important to leave good life to the future. Our kids are looking forward to the live long and healthy life that they are going to take it from us. We have responsibilities for our future that everybody has to do as much they can.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Dallas mentioned that the West County Road 112 ground water site near Midland has been added to the national priorities list of Superfund sites, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced earlier this week.

Superfund is the federal government’s program to clean up the nation’s uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

The West County Road 112 site is a ground water plume of chromium/hexavalent chromium situated in a country area of Midland County proximately southwest of the Midland city limits. The site plume ranges 1.25 miles from the center of the site (2601 West County Road 112) and is under roughly 260 acres.

The site was recognized in April 2009 by a local resident who asked the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to test his private water well because of yellow discoloration. Sampling revealed the presence of hexavalent chromium.

To date, TCEQ has sampled some 234 wells, and 46 have total chromium concentrations above safe levels. TCEQ has installed water filtration systems at those homes which are affected.

Until the source of the contamination has been identified and controlled, the ground water plume will continue to contaminate additional private and public water wells.

The drinking water wells in the contaminated aquifer are the only source of water for these residents.

By the time Southwest Farm Press from Washington, DC mentioned that Texas landowners whose property has been affected by recent wildfires can contact their local USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) district conservationist for recovery assistance.

The NRCS provides technical and potentially financial assistance to help decrease post-fire damage and aid in the recovery process. Performs such as grazing deferment, cross fencing, reseeding and water development have proven to be effective post-fire strategies that help reduce erosion.

“Wildfires can provide valuable control of brush species but may cause damage to perennial grasses if special care is not taken to allow recovery of the range,” said Salvador Salinas, acting state conservationist for the USDA-NRCS in Texas. “Loss of vegetation not only affects forages for livestock and wildlife habitat, but it can lead to increased soil loss due to erosion by wind and water.” Because of erosion many lands are losing in the world today.

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