How to Stage Your Kitchen For a Quick Sale

In order to sell your home quickly in any real estate market, you need to show it to potential buyers in its best condition, You have to stage it so that buyers can imagine themself in this house.  Kitchen is one of the most important places at your house that attracts the possible home buyers while selling your house. If you want to sell your house fast, making your kitchen more presentable to the possible buyers should be the number one priority on your list because kitchens are mostly in the middle of to the properties whether in a big estate or a small condo. These helpful steps will help you to prepare staging your house for a successful selling.

Cleaning the Floors

Spotless cleaning is the best way to start. Vacuum and mop the flooring.

Clean the windows so natural light get inside and shows your home larger.

Taking the trash out

Taking the trash out prevents bad smell. Placing the nice smelling diffusers will invite everyone inside.

Counter Tops

Clean the counter tops spotless do not leave anything like books, silverware, gadgets, knickknacks you have or even small appliances like jar opener. Clean counter tops shows your lovely property’s architectural details that buyers want to see.

Refrigerator Preparing

Absolutely NO magnets, fingerprints, kids’ art work, pictures, recipes, collectible items on top of refrigerator. It should be just the refrigerator just like in the appliance stores. Inside should be clean and organized, too. Most of the buyers, believe it or not, check inside of the refrigerator to see if the seller is well organized. Putting a baking soda deep inside your refrigerator will help avoiding bad smell. Shelves should look half empty and clean.

Microwave, Cook top, Range, Ovens Cleaning

They should be clean inside and outside. Check your ovens because most of them have self cleaning button that clean up easily without any help from you.

Range Hood Cleaning

Make sure that it looks clean inside and outside and free of fingerprints. If your range hood has a filter, remember to change it because it helps avoiding bad smell, too.


Dishwasher should be empty, inside and outside has to be cleaned and rust free. Home buyers most likely look inside of the dishwasher, some of them even turns it on to hear the noise.


Make sure that all the decorative and functional lights are in working condition and dust free. If you have under cabinet lights or range hood lights, it is a great time to use them. 


Cabinets are another important part of the kitchen, start from the cleaning inside and outside, fingerprints do not give the best first impression that you want to give the others. De-clutter inside of your cabinets; leave just the items you use daily like glasses, plates, one or two pots. Put the others in the boxes. Cabinets should look like half empty so they look larger and spacious.

Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast Set up

Give possible home buyers chance to see the home with beautiful table setting for dinner or lunch ready feeling with clean table clothes or place mats, linen napkins and nice centerpiece. Centerpiece might be some flowers from your garden with a nice vase. You do not have to go very fancy, simple setting gives the same feeling.  

Your home may have the little study cabinet next to your kitchen cabinets that needs to be organized; using decorative small boxes may change the look easily, do not leave anything on the desk even pens could be in the drawers or boxes.

Take a last look to your kitchen, if it is hard to tell someone is leaving in the house then you did a wonderful staging.

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