Dallas Tudor Cottage Homes

Cotswold cottage homes show the detailed architectural characteristics to recognize Tudor revival house style. This picturesque English Country style is based on medieval times Cotswold region of England. They have been built since medieval times which make these modern versions of rustic homes are interesting. Detailed architectural charming style were popular in U.S around 20’s – 30’s which is the time when several of the Dallas houses were built.

The striking Cotswold Cottage has typically asymmetrical steep complex roof line which try to capture the medieval time’s architecture characteristic. A massive chimney is one of the characteristic exteriors elements that often dominate either the front or one side of the house.  Brick, stone or stucco siding, very steep cross gables, small paned porthole windows, small dormer windows and lower arched doors are typical exterior features of this charismatic style. 

Compelling cottage homes are mostly around $1,000 sqft – $1,600 sqft with unique floor plans include small, irregularly-shaped rooms, and the upper floor rooms have leaning walls with dormers.

There are different names for Cotswold Cottage Style is Storybook style, Hansel and Gretel Cottage, Tudor Cottage, English Country Cottage or Ann Hathaway Cottage. In Dallas we use the name of Tudor Cottage more than the other names.

If you fell in love with charming Cotswold Cottage architectural style, finding the perfect house to call home is not hard in Dallas area. You can see the stunning historical houses in Dallas M streets and may be Vickery Place in Dallas at ease. Dallas M streets are called by Greenland Hills Neighborhood which is just couple miles to the Dallas down town area. Some of these Dallas homes renovated very successfully by their proud residents or has been built few years ago respectfully to this lovely area. It can be found listed from $180K – $750K depends on the condition.

Tudor Cottages are typically small homes when Dallas Home owners wanted to have more space. They added extra rooms and open areas to these exceptional properties without ruining the chic style in Dallas M Streets. You can find homes from 1,200 sqft – 3,000 sqft in a nice well established neighborhood.


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