Dallas is the Fastest Growing City in United States

The Growing city Dallas-Fort Worth area added more residents than any other city in the United States. According to the latest Census Bureau data released on Tuesday, the population of the extending Texas metro area grew by about 1.3 million people, or 25%, between April 1, 2000, and July 1, 2009.

The population is now estimated at 6.5 million residents, but an exact count won’t be available until the 2010 census is complete.

Frisco was the nation’s fastest growing city last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data which just released on Tuesday. McKinney is ranking the third fastest growing city. The top 25 list is supported with several other North Texas cities, including Lewisville, Fort Worth, Carrollton and Denton. Texas is one of the fastest growing states and from 50 fastest growing cities 19 of them are in Texas. 

Dallas is a great place to live because of its very favorable business climate, no corporate income tax, building costs are relatively reasonable and regulations are minimal. All these positive attractions bring more residents to this beautiful place. 

Most of the big corporations like AT&T, Exxon Mobil, J.C. Penny, Texas Instruments, Southwest Airlines, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Blockbuster, RadioShack and more of them have preferred to keep their headquarters in Dallas Fort Worth area and this brings good job opportunities to new residents of Dallas Area. Now after having the latest Census Bureau Data more of the well known companies will focus on Dallas Area.    

Dallas Fort Worth International airport is the third busiest airport in the nation. Its location is far enough south to ensure good weather yet central enough to make it easy to fly to the Northeast, the Midwest and the Pacific Coast. It is also well positioned for air traffic with Latin American markets.

Dallas downtown area is just starting to redevelop. Recent additions to Dallas area include a huge new arts center, urban park, light rail system and new housing. These new developments have helped Dallas downtown more interesting than ever.

These results show that obviously Dallas has more opportunities than any other city as well as well established Dallas Real Estate deals. Homes in Dallas are affordable and large size with good school rates attracts more people easily.


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