Dallas council calls for 4.91-cent tax increase

Majority of Dallas council calls for 4.91-cent tax increase that  Dallas Morning News Blog mentioned recently which does not make the Dallas residents the happiest residents so far. Most of the Dallas residents commented clearly that they found this increase ridiculous. Here is the part of the article about Dallas Property tax increase.

A majority of the Dallas City Council has agreed to raise taxes almost to the maximum rate allowed under law in an effort to restore a host of city services that stood to be slashed in Dallas’ coming budget.

The agreement is surprising in its amount. A majority of the council appeared poised to raise taxes but there was some question what amount increase they would accept.

By law, the council could only raise the current rate of 74.79 cents per $100 in valuation by 4.93 cents.

The council members who signed onto Wednesday’s memo agreed to a 4.91 cent increase.

“This is what the people want. It’s something the citizens are telling us to do,” said council member Tennell Atkins, who led the charge for a rate increase.

Most of the Dallas residents are angry about this news; they mention that this will stop the growth of The City of Dallas and not a good time for property tax increase in this economy since there were not salary increases for a while in most jobs. We will see what is going to happen soon.

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