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Big companies started to see the bright future of Dallas area and bringing their headquarters close to Dallas area which reminds me the saying of I am not from Texas but I came here as soon as possible of course more job opportunities improve the economy of the area as well as the quality of living for Dallas area residents.

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced $2.45 million in state incentives for a high-tech company that’s moving its headquarters to Richardson and expects to create 434 jobs over the next few years according to Dallas business journal by Matt Joyce.

Perry announced the Texas Enterprise Fund investment for The Virtual Computing Environment Co. during the Richardson Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting Tuesday. In addition to new jobs, the project is expected to create $35 million in capital investment, according to a press release from the Richardson chamber.

“They could have picked anywhere in the world,” Perry said. “They picked Richardson, Texas. I happen to think the sky is the limit for what they’re doing.”

The company, which goes by VCE The Virtual Computing Environment Company, specializes in converged infrastructure and “cloud-based” computing models to reduce its customers’ IT costs and time to market. The company provides bundled data storage, data management and data security, said Timothy Page, a senior vice president at VCE.

Cisco Systems Inc., based in San Jose, Calif., and EMC Corp., from Hopkinton, Mass., formed the privately held company in 2009.

Page said the company is currently headquartered in Dallas. It plans to move its 120 employees to its new facility at 1500 North Greenville Ave. in Richardson starting this weekend.

VCE currently employs about 800 people in Dallas, Massachusetts, California and Ireland. Page said the roughly 430 new jobs in Richardson will be created jobs, rather than transfers from other locations.

“Our big draw was the technology people in the area,” Page said. “You can go to either coast or you can come to Texas,” Page said.

He said the company has already hired 75 people from universities in the Dallas area and Texas.

“We’re starting pulling people right out of college, educating them as to what we do, and giving them a fast track to the cloud-computing environment,” Page said.

Richardson is providing tax abatements and other incentives to help land the deal and secure the cooperation of the Texas Enterprise Fund, said Bill Sproull, president and CEO of the Richardson chamber.

“This is right in our wheelhouse,” Sproull said. “We’re a technology community. This is a technology company. It’s a headquarters. It is precisely the kind of project we do well at.”

New job opportunities bring more people in Dallas area which means more homes for sale in Dallas will get sold and more homes for lease in Dallas and surrounding areas will get leased which means the economy will get stronger. Every job opportunity in the area makes the economy and Dallas real estate stronger than before that Residents in the area should be thankful to these growth.

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