Back to The School in Dallas Area

Happy First Day of School… Dallas area schools are started today after a tax free shopping back to schools spirit weekend. A lot of excited proud parents and kids were on the road early in the morning today in Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas. There are only one thing in parents mind that their kids safety!

Especially in the busy streets even though there is a speed limit some of the drivers seem that they have forgotten the schools are starting today.

Every year there are cops around the school to remind drivers about the school speed zone however this year it seems they also forgot the schools are starting today. Our neighborhood in Dallas, parents are agreeing that Independent School Districts budget cuts might be the big reason of the police absence around the school zones which might be true or not, it did not change the reality of the only concern of the parents which is the lack of attention to the traffic rules.

Parents are concerned about the other parents’ speed, lack of attention to the road, drive the wrong way on one way streets, talk on the cell phones, and refuse to comply cross guards. Our children are in danger on a routine basis in any school without police presence. Take responsibility for your community, pay attention to traffic while dropping off and picking up kids. 

Your own schedules are not the only things that matter in this world, be careful while driving around the schools, make sure that your kids and you are using crosswalk, help the other kids, never use your cell phone while passing the school zone, respect others time and schedule, too.

In Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco subdivisions, big master planned community schools are mostly in the neighborhoods, not on the busy streets which helps the parents and kids to go to schools safer and easier than schools on the busy streets.

Dallas School District just started a back to school hotline today to answer questions and address concerns of the parents. The Dallas Independent School District phone number is 972-925-5437 (KIDS) Hotline hours Monday-Tuesday 7am – 5pm and Wednesday through Friday 7.30am – 4.30pm

Acting responsibly today and during the all Dallas Texas school season will keep our kids and parents feel safer and happier. Please be careful on the road!

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