July 2010

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Dallas is hosting spectacular entertainment events in this summer. If you are in Dallas area and would love to see a great Shakespeare play under the stars in a stunning park, you cannot miss the Romeo and Juliet from Junior Players directed by Valerie Hauss-Smith. 

Junior Players in collaboration with Shakespeare Dallas presents a roaring 20’s Romance in Samuell – Grand Park Amphitheater on July 27th to August 1st, 2010 at 8.15pm, this great play is FREE however they highly appreciate your donations. 

Dallas TX Events Romeo and Juliet in the Park

Dallas TX Events - Romeo and Juliet in The Park

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Closing costs is one of the biggest concerns for buyers and sellers during any real estate transaction. During home buying process most people think that the down payment is going to be enough however you will have additional closing costs to your down payment. There are many professionals will work for you during your real estate transaction who may not even see or talk with you such as title assistant, lender’s staff, escrow agent, appraisers and more. Most of the time closing costs cover all these helpful professionals labor, licenses, education needs, state mandatory filing system and more. You may still have a part that you can work on to reduce closing costs.

Shopping around for title insurance fees may help you to save and talking with different Title Company helps you to see the different options easily for your closing costs.

Remember to ask the seller if they can contribute or pay all of your closing costs at the closing. It is getting harder to find this kind of real estate deals but sometimes you can make this work. You can offer little bit more than the seller was asking and get contribution at the closing towards your closing costs. That way, you are essentially financing the closing costs over 30 years or whatever loan term you have. Only one thing you need to be careful this kind of real estate deals that you may have problems with the appraisal if purchase price is at or near top market value.    Read the rest of this entry »

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In order to sell your home quickly in any real estate market, you need to show it to potential buyers in its best condition, You have to stage it so that buyers can imagine themself in this house.  Kitchen is one of the most important places at your house that attracts the possible home buyers while selling your house. If you want to sell your house fast, making your kitchen more presentable to the possible buyers should be the number one priority on your list because kitchens are mostly in the middle of to the properties whether in a big estate or a small condo. These helpful steps will help you to prepare staging your house for a successful selling. Read the rest of this entry »

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